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What is Sforzando?

Sforzando is the only chamber music competition for European students. The competition brings together young non-professional performers from a diverse range of disciplines and countries to perform chamber music at a high level. Despite playing an instrument to an advanced level, all participants are fully committed to their university subjects and are not professional performers.
As an example of this international dimension and outlook, the Sforzando 2015 committee is comprised of French, German and British members.
Sforzando is open to ensembles of two to five instruments. In the first round of the competition, the jury chooses three ensembles for the final. After the second round, the winner of the competition will be declared.
The competition aims to facilitate cultural exchange amongst the candidates as well as between the candidates and jury members. During the competition there are plenty of opportunities for exchange and discussion, such as a reception for both candidates and jury members. Audience participation is also important and an Audience Prize is awarded after the final.