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Note:  The following is for information only. The official rulebook is definitive.


All our ensemble members bar one meet the required age criteria. Can we participate anyway?
Individual exemptions may be granted by the Organizing Committee based on the particular circumstances of the ensemble. Please send your request by email to the address

We are unable to find a single complete work to play in the final. Can we participate anyway?
Individual exemptions may be granted by the Organizing Committee based on the particular circumstances of the ensemble. One possibility is to offer two complete works of an equivalent duration. For queries please contact

Is it possible to propose a programme for two pianos ?
Due to practical reasons only one piano is offered. Four-handed piano pieces are welcome.

We do not want to play an extra work in the first round and would prefer to perform excerpts from our full work planned for the final. Is this possible?
Yes, this is allowed but not recommended. 

I study/studied musicology or music not at a music academy. Am I allowed to participate?
Those studying musicology or music as an academic discipline in contrast to those studying an instrument are eligible to enter the competition. This excludes those studying music or a particular instrument with the expectation of becoming a professional musician.

How do I know if our registration has been accepted?
Following registration an email is sent to the relevant ensemble member responsible. If you have registered and have not received an email confirming your registration within a few days, please contact us directly at If your application is incomplete you shall be contacted by the competition. Registration is completed after the necessary documents and payment of fees have been received by the Paris office.

Technical Questions

Do we need to provide our own page turner ?

No, a page-turner will be provided.

Will there be the possibility to warm up?
We try to provide a sufficient amount of rooms for opportunities to warm up. Candidates will recieve further information closer to the competition.

Will it be possible to test the grand pianos and the acoustic conditions?
Yes, but for reasons of fairness, the organization team will pay heed to every participating ensemble having the same time to test the conditions.


We are looking for accommodation but we are not familiar with Munich.
If required, the team of Sforzando will assist you to find an accommodation. However, the cost of accommodation must be borne by the candidates themselves. Please contact us via

What will the participation fees be used for?
The organizer of the competition, the Association Sforzando, is a non-profit association financed only by donations. As the competition will be linked to a high expense, we ask the participants for a small participation fee of 15 euros per cap. The participation fees will support the general financing of the competition.